Oh hey outfit post watchers, it’s been a while, right? Welcome back to the blog for this cool outfit that pretty much sold out already. Ummmm. Sorry about that. I really did try to get you something that was in stores now this time. Who doesn’t love some newness, right?

This striped midi skirt arrived and I took the photos the day. It was only hours after launching my ‘what’s in the mail‘ haul video and well, this end of the stock item just went and sold out. Seriously, when you guys see a bargain, you go for it, I’ll give you that. Haha.

You guys have got a gift. For sure.

But old stuff or new stuff, a casual outfit you can reach for and head out the door is a must. In my books, anyway. I couldn’t live without these simple to pull on, virtually uncrushable basics. Pretty much every day of the year I live in this style of outfit. Nothing makes it easier

You know the best part about these photos? That when I look at them it brings back this rainy afternoon with the Mr. It’s about coffee dates and the day to day things that make up a life. This blog has never really been about the clothes or the things. It’s about my life and how it works.

Clothes, they’re a fun sidetrack.

Making your husband take outfit photos in the carpark before you buy toilet paper, that’s the real show. Haha. Living and sharing and hanging out. So, yeah, I wish I had some new stuff for you guys to buy. You seem to like that. But, hopefully, what I’ve got coming up this week will be just as fun. Blog life, right?

Wearing 17 Sundays Cape Jacket, City Chic Online Basic T-Shirt {various colours}, 17 Sundays Stripe Midi Skirt {XS only left, as of right now} and white low cut Converse

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