I like to think I go through life considerate of other people and the path they are on. Sure. Sometimes I throw my hands in the air and label them whatever. But mostly, my default is sensitive. Every person is on their on path. Each and every single one of us has a story. A level of pain and of happiness. We each handle these situations in our own way. Expressing what needs to be express so that it doesn’t consume us.

Sometimes I see pain and I just want to fix it. Especially for those I love. Especially for those I feel like it’s my job to protect. I watch them suffer at the hands of their past and I want to rescue them. And then I don’t. I can’t because it’s not mine to take away. In all honesty I’m not even sure I could if I tried. Like the seedling that forces through the dirt to reach the sunshine {gag, cliche} we each have to fight our way through the things that break our hearts and spirits.

Jac from CRAP Mamma wrote on her Facebook wall a while ago “If we never let our kids fall, how will they ever learn to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and continue on?” I think they won’t. I think you can’t continue to protect anyone {your kids, family, friends} from the fall. All you ever do is keep them from learning to pick themselves up. A timely update for me. A call to action for the thoughts swirling in my head.

Just a thought for this morning.

For me. Mostly.

Tell me, what would you say to Jac’s question? What IF we don’t let them fall? Then what? 

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