Firstly, this post was supposed to be finished yesterday. I took a nap instead. Kel wasn’t well over the weekend, some sort of cold situation which I appear to have picked up. I feel off, a little ick, but not enough to warrant a day in bed. You know? Anyway, suffice to say, a wine would’ve been nice yesterday. But that’s not happening because we are doing Dry July again this year.

Not a massive emphasis on the “we”, Kel has decided to participate but not officially sign up. However, it’ll be easier to do with him onboard. Even if it’s just a little bit on board. A non-commital on board. Haha. I think what put him over the edge was the idea of tracking the money that we would generally spend on booze in a month.

But as far as Dry July goes, it’s not only an excellent opportunity to check in on your relationship with alcohol and spending, but to raise funds for cancer support charities. Whether you want to join in or want to support a charity in this way, now is a great time to do it. So, watch this space, I will make sure we’re doing an update here or there on our progress.

Until then, wish me luck, team.

Dry July 2019 - Suger Coat It

Find me, or to donate, head to my Dry July profile.


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