You might remember when I raved about this black jumpsuit back in summer. Back then I wondered how I would get the most out of it come winter but I knew that I was determined to make it work. Which, with a few simple items under, I have. For these photos, it’s all about a t-shirt. A bodysuit, especially my sheer one, also works a charm, especially for evenings.

If I have one tip, it would be to use a top over a bodysuit, you thought you felt naked in a jumpsuit when it comes to going to the bathroom. WELL! Add a bodysuit to that and well, it’s rather exposed, to say the least. Use caution and wear some serious coverage underwear or you may freeze. Haha. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

For me, being able to take something you love from your wardrobe and make it work year round, is what it’s about. You’re never going to see me go on and on about new items, cheap items or adding lots of ‘newness’ to your closet. Recycling and re-wearing are where it’s at for me. And I’m sure, for most of you! It’s bullshit to expect people to be adding constantly to their wardrobe. I think so, what say you?

Birdsnest Jumpsuit Casual Outfit - Suger Coat It

Birdsnest Jumpsuit Casual Outfit - Suger Coat It

Wearing Birdsnest Wideleg Black Jumpsuit (size 22) over City Chic T-Shirt (similar) and Target Australia Slides (similar). 

This is one of those moments that the photos just don’t do this outfit justice. The light was fading, along with my patience, and after a number of attempts, we had to leave with what we had before it was dark. Sigh. Blog life, man. But, that said, I’m pleased I have some to share with you from this afternoon. This look is one I’ve been wearing a lot this winter. Queensland winter, of course.


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