This post is about Winter Style. How, right? This is me. I’m a summer kid, born and bred. Living for long days at the beach, sand between my toes and the salty ocean air on my skin. I even love things like the sting of too much sun and the crashing relief of an afternoon storm. Such a summer kid.

But this year something changed. When it got to March and temperatures were still soaring, I’d had enough. I was ready for the cooler weather, ready for a change. And by May, I got my wish. As usual, patience, teaching me a lesson at every turn. It was time to pull out the winter gear and let’s face it, this is about as winter as it gets around here.

This week was Show Week in my town and it’s sort of a marker in the year for when things start to get cold. Do you do that? I know that by my birthday in March nights will start to be cooler and by ANZAC day mornings will be crisp. But for sure, by the time the Show rolls around, the weather will have changed.

Circle of life or something like that.

Anyway, the weather is cooler and I’m all for it. I picked up some new ankle boots at the City Chic sale (LOVE) and I’m ready to stomp my way into Winter. This grey is perfection, don’t you think? Especially paired with the black opaques and speckled dress. Thanks to friend and photographer Bambi Gosbell for the photos. I can’t wait to work with Bambi more often on the blog. It’s not that Mr Suger has been retired, more that he is in dispose. Haha.

Boots, Tights, Dress: Winter Style - Suger Coat It Boots, Tights, Dress: Winter Style - Suger Coat It Boots, Tights, Dress: Winter Style - Suger Coat It

Wearing 17 Sundays Nep Cocoon Dress, Sonsee Woman Opaque Tights and City Chic Emma Ankle Boots.

Those shopping this dress, I’m wearing the XL and am a size 24 and 178cm. I genuinely think my normal size (L/22) may have been too short on this occasion. Perfect for tights, but not when I wasn’t wearing them. That said, not everyone is as tall as me and with room to move in this one, you really could go either way size-wise without ruining the fit of the dress.

In the Emma ankle boots I am wearing size 42. As a wide 11 normally, these are a great fit. That said, there is not a lot of room around the ankle in these, so if that’s a wider part of your leg, consider a size up and some fluffier socks. The heel is a great height and feels really sturdy. It’s a deceptive height though, and after sneakers all summer long, it took me a minute to find my feet in them, but when I did, they are wear all day comfortable.

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