I’ve always been tall. Above average anyway. I entered high school at 12 years old at almost my full adult height of 5″10, which explains why I looked so ridiculous surrounded by my teeny tiny peers. This planted a seed in my mind, an idea of how life would look. A type of guy I liked, or liked the idea of anyway. I wanted a taaaaall guy, broad across the chest with muscley arms. Then after I was 30, the age I deemed life sufficiently over to even entertain the idea of marriage, I would marry him. Then I would get to pretend to be a delicate flower of a girl as my big strong man physically dwarfed me in his big arms…

Oh, awkward.

That got a little fifty shades for this blog.

I was reminded of this recently as I draw a bit of attention from this exact category of men via various social media channels. I wonder just how much the powers that be are trying to fulfil on my order. Sending me men, that fit my description with time to plan a post 30th birthday wedding. Too bad THAT ship has sailed. But interesting to see unfold anyway. Not that I will be partaking. For obvious husband related reasons.

The other thing is it turned out, when it came down to it, even though I had a type in mind, I had a type in reality that was different. It turns out that I wasn’t too worried about tall, I wasn’t even THAT worried about broad chests. I did keep the arms thing. My Hubby is a similar height to me when I wear flats. Pretty much, give or take a centimetre or two. But in heels, well, I win.

A reader emailed and asked my opinion about only dating guys that were taller than me. I told them if I dated these days I’d be in trouble with a certain someone but also that when it came down to it, it really didn’t matter. My husband wasn’t a tall guy, he had muscles but wasn’t what you’d call muscley. But he was perfect for me. We made a great team and have created a pretty darn awesome life together.

I would hate to see you miss out on all of that by being too choosy.

Date people you like, that’s all that matters.

The rest should be negotiable.

Heels never should be. HA.


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