When I swanned around and had long lunches and didn’t have to go to work every single day? Any day really. Mostly I had more time to think and plan and put into motion the things I had planned. Then I started a job. A familiar but different job. I was back assisting my Mum in real estate sales and doing some promotions and marketing. Nice.

A little while ago I took an opportunity to change roles a little. More hands on in reception and more hours. I loved it. I just adore answering phones, juggling the incoming traffic and what people need. It makes me happy. I love to be able to tick a box and mark all these things as done at the end of the day. But the hours kept stretching and time spent on my blog started waning. I missed it.

Then Nikki posted a photo of her cafe breakfast and blogging essentials and I remembered. It was so concrete in my mind what there was to do that all I COULD do was do it. Thankfully I’d discussed it with Hubby and even mentioned it to my employers. I had floated the boat. now I was going to set it adrift.

I notified my employers that the new arrangement didn’t suit. I had hoped it would. I requested my old position back {it had been rolled into my new one}. I still have my fingers crossed. But it looks like it will work out.

Life’s too short to not do what you want.

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