I joined a Blog Chicks group on Facebook a week or two ago now. It’s a place for bloggers to have their questions answered, chat blogs and just, you know, hang out. It was early days in the group so there were a lot of introductions happening. SO many great blogs and woman roll calling. As it does. But I wanted more!

I wanted the hot tip.

The inside track to the best content the web has to offer.

I wanted a new favourite blog!

So I asked.

What’s the best blog post you read this week? And not one of yours, don’t be weird.  

And do you know over 100 people saw that post and I received TWO responses. TWO. So it turns out either we, as bloggers, are more interested in flogging our own stuff than reading, or we just aren’t reading. I know for myself I’ve slowed down my usual blog visiting. I used to manage a blog roll with over 800 blogs on it. I’d visit as often as I could but could confidently say that I would see them all, at least once, every month. I sort of wore myself out!

But why is that? Why when push came to shove did I quit visiting other blogs? Why when I’m a little stuck at the moment for inspiration and ideas did I stop visiting the people who do it best? Am I the only one? It’s a phase, I know I’ll be back. My question above is proof of that I think. A desire to read more blogs. A desire to find that new hidden gem. A new favourite. But I wonder, where it went in the first place.

I’m calling this phase the blogger’s have their heads up their own butt phase. I think the response to my question is testament to that. To some degree. Comments in general are down, I’m constantly hearing people complain about it. Content writers everywhere are lamenting the downturn of conversation. Maybe what’s really happening is people aren’t really reading? Maybe the content isn’t WORTH the effort? Hmmmm.

Or could it just be that we are too busy doing our thing and much, much too busy to share our precious time with anyone else. Afterall it’s already spread between all the other things that are important to us. Family, friends, work, hobbies, Pinterest… It’s just a theory but when push came to shove visiting, communicating and reading other peoples blogs was at the bottom of a very long list, there must be a reason. What do you think?

Now I’m asking you…

What’s the best blog post you read this week? And not one of yours, don’t be weird.

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