We had a storm here yesterday afternoon. Today is just as hot and still. People were saying, it’s the first storm of the season, but then it slacked off a little and was nothing more than a brief stint of heavy rain. Surprisingly for a region that floods so often, we need the rain. Grass is crunchy below your feet and cars {mine especially} are covered in dust. We needed the rain.

The point of this?

Well Spring is here in force. Beach days are making a big come back. I find myself reaching more and more often for light dresses and casual comfort. I have a go to style for summer in Queensland. For the last few years it has been loose tops, maxi skirts and dresses. It never really was about colour. This year it certainly is. Pastels and neon are walking hand in hand. The colours and the cuts are made for summer comfort.

But the other day I was wondering if there was a style for summer for MEN? My Hubby he likes to wear hand me down polos and casual shorts. All the time. Plus boardies for the beach and jeans if the dress code requires. So I’m not sure if I would have much luck getting him to wear a summer style for men, but I’m curious.

Does your man have style?

Does it change with the seasons or is he always stylish?

I have no idea what bought these questions on.

I think the heat is frying my brain.

It’s out of practice.

Thank goodness I don’t live further north. Hats off to those people.

I’d melt.

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