So it’s become general knowledge that I bribe my Hubby to take outfit photos with frozen cokes and hot dates on the town. So what do you do in Winter when the days are short and the good light is gone by 5pm? Well you head out for dinner at nana o’clock, of course! Dressed and out the door by 4:30 we hit the road in search of a location to grab some shots before going on with our night.

At least then it’s usually 5 o’clock.

The problem is what does one wear to date night when the sun is still shining? Lately it’s been a t-shirt and skirt combo or jeans with a button up shirt or leggings as pants and an oversized jumper. I think that if you’re heading out for the night before it’s night then you need to keep it a little casual. BUT with layers so you can whip off a layer and add some heels if the night gets good. Another reason i keep a stash of shoes in my car. Haha.

Now let me let you in on a little secret, in winter I turn into a hermit snuggle bunny. I like to be home and warm before the night gets really cold so the changing for a big night thing happens less and less frequently. I don’t like the cold. And the cold is something that happens around here surprisingly. Gympie is one chilly town when it wants to be. Brrrr.

The other day as we pulled into the current fav photo spot {hello leafy car park} we noticed that there were virtually no cars left despite it being just after 5pm. Clearly everyone else feels like they need to dash home to escape the weather. We chatted for a while joking about how keen they all must have been, how fast they must have burst out the doors and ran up here. Giggling like fools and making loads of failed photo attempts {blurry!}.

And then, we realised it was Saturday and that most of the staff that park in this parking lot wouldn’t have been at work that day. Derrr fred. Being self employed can be confusing sometimes. note to self, mark days off the calendar. Lucky there was virtually no one around to have heard our conversation. Ha.

Jacket – Autograph {similar}
Top – Harlow {gifted}
Skirt – eShakti {bought 2nd hand}
Shoes – Ecco {gifted but I WORKED}


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