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Everyone loves a denim jacket. It’s so easy to throw on, it goes with everything and if you find the right one it will last you years and year of wear. That’s a wardrobe staple if I ever saw one. After the winter jackets post a couple of weeks ago, Candice asked me about denim jackets.

And hey presto, a search party was formed!

Our mission? Cool, wearable denim jackets that wouldn’t (all) break the bank. Let’s face it, a denim jacket is something that you can get away with spending more on (if you’re in that position). I’ve had one of mine (a cropped one with 3/4 sleeves from Autograph) since 2009! I’m not even sure the cost per wear would hit the one cent mark these days. That’s value.

Steal Her Style - Denim Jackets - Shopping

One Autograph Crop Long Sleeve | Two Yours Clothing Classic

Three DP Curve Western | Four Torrid Moto Style

Five River Island Light Wash | Six My Size Casual Cut

Seven SARA Contrast Trim Collar | Eight Junarose Oversized

Nine River Island Black Washed |  Ten ASOS Curve Girlfriend Jacket

{some overseas stores may have limited stock}

But wait, why is there a dude there?

Other than being cute, I wanted to incorporate an over-sized option. It’s a look that is on trend at the moment (think teeny dress, massive jacket) and in plus, sometimes to get a fit like that, you have to look to the boys. While you’re checking out that link, browse the rest of the men’s section, there are some great options there (way more than in women).

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