A big fat thank you. I am so grateful for everything at the moment. There’s magic in the air. As silly as that sounds. It’s my birthday month, it’s like the universe is lining up some gifts for me. This has been one of those week’s that take your breath away. I am grateful for so many things. For people. For moments of sunshine. Seriously, sunshine at the moment is a rare treat around here. I turn and smile at strangers because I just feel like it’s all so much fun. For blogging, my car, my family, hubby and the planets aligning. Grateful for Coke Zero when the days get long. Grateful for mint tea when I need to sleep. Grateful to have joined the gym and to be feeling so darn good. Grateful to be reminded that people are something to be celebrated. So, whoever you are out there. Thank you. From me to you, good job. Keep it up.

Love Suger xo

ps. Do you take the time to be grateful? Maybe you should. Just sayin.

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