Firstly. Happy Birthday. I love you. You rule and all that jazz. I adore you. Etc etc. So what is there for me to say, on this, your special day {ha! rhymed}..? Hmmm. Nothing much. Not specifically today. You see, most of what there is to say, you already know. 
You know I love you.
You know you rock my world.
You know that of all things in this life, I want your children most.
You know I think you have sexy arms.
And a sexy ass.
And sexy, loving, beautiful eyes.
You know that I am proud of 20 year old me for first loving you.
And of 22 year old me for marrying you. 
You know that my life would be a lot less sparkley without you.
You know I love you. 
You know I think you are funny.
You know that your dreams are my dreams. 
You know that everything you want, I want.
And I know you love me too and that you always have my back. No matter what. 
I love you. Did I say that? 
Happy birthday my love.

Let’s hope next year I can say Happy Birthday Daddy. I’m just saying. If there is such a thing as birthday wishes, this I know, that is top of your list. I wish this for you too. More than you know. I can see it. And it is wonderful.  
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