I bet there are at least one of you out there who has said this to yourself. Probably more than one. Lots more than one. I was awake last night, I had ideas flying through my mind. Plans and notes and scribbled messages to myself are flung everywhere as part of a note taking system. Creativity is pouring out of me. I’m grateful. I’m inspired. I’m motivated.

And all of that makes it pretty darn difficult to sleep. Not a good thing when you have scheduled 7am gym sessions. So I write, I let it flood out of me in the way I have managed my mind in the year since I was an overly thoughtful primary school student. I asked for it this time. I wanted to go to ProBlogger and be inspired to generate something special on this blog. To strengthen and build the community we have here. You and I. To find a way to deliver on all the love and promises I make to myself. And now, the time is here.

I know you would have liked a little more concrete information from the conference. I probably would have been able to deliver that had I not been swept up in the weekend. The swirling mass of ideas that pushed and shoved for space in my mind pushed out all practical information. Thank goodness for the online pass thingy {you can buy one here, I’m an affiliate} so I can review it all. I realised in one of the last sessions of the day that I had missed the entire program of eBook and blog products side of things. Whoops. I had intended to go to almost all of those.

But it’s seen the start of something amazing, the series to start in November is my gift to you all. And my gift to myself. Because along the way, the fashion and the musings and the gym stories just didn’t feel like enough to make a difference. And sure, they have their own messages and inspiration. But I want more for this space. I want to effect change. For you, for me and for every person who wondered if they were the only ones who thought that way.

The only numpty in the room.

This is for you.

But for now. Shut UP brain. It’s bedtime.

Wait. What was this post about again?

Tired. So tired.

I blame you ProBlogger. Ha.

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