So there is this thing floating around Twitter account’s. Apparently. Let’s face it. I read it on Sometimes Sweet a blog I read. I’m hardly ever on Twitter. But great idea I thought. {Bloggers block reigns supreme. So here we go}
It’s 1999. And yes, you will party like it is. But sensible. I like that about you. You really do have an old head on your shoulders. All those old people that keep saying that to you, well, they kinda have a point. And that’s ok too. It will serve you well. You should remember to have some fun though. 
Can I just say have your fun but not the slutty type you are so into. Enjoy trips to the beach, shopping, generally bonding with friends. Seriously, none of the guys you meet now will even be in your life in 10 years time. Not that I actually think you care. But you know, FYI. 
Your instinct that you should work a year before going to Uni is dead on. If you go straight out of school you won’t be interested and will soon rack up a whole bunch of incomplete’s. Though some of the friends you make will be around forever. Some, won’t be. 
Now back to the 16th year. I really hope you heed this advice and don’t take up smoking. Seriously, what you think is the occasional ciggie out will soon turn into a pretty awe inspiring habit. It will take you until you are 26 to kick. And even then, given a few drinks and an offer, you are still likely to accept. 
And seriously, you have no idea how beautiful you are. Healthy and fit and beautiful. it would save us all a whole heap of trouble if you would keep up swimming and hockey and lay off the whole using Pepsi Max as a daily calorie intake. It will mess up all sorts of things. And set you back mentally for freakin’ ages.
And just so you know, it may not feel like it right now, but one day, you will be happy with who you are. And it is ok if you take some time to figure that out. You’ll be proud of yourself when you get there. I love you kid. You’ll be ok. It will all be ok.   
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