All those happy, go you feelings will travel with you. It’s good for your muscles and emotions and more. There is no down side when it comes to exercise. Well, unless you count face planting off treadmills, which I totally do. Exercise is good for the old body, for peace of mind and clarity, for fitness and of course it’s very good for your posture.

Name me a confident person with bad posture; go on, I dare you.

I’m not sure what else to say here to convince you. For me exercise centres me in a way nothing else does. It offers me a clear head and a feeling of strength and confidence in myself and who I am. I am strong. I am fit. And all for 30 minutes a day. You just can’t buy results like that. Not in a bottle, that’s for sure. And certainly not legally. So try it out, with no other evidence than it works for me. Take a moment today to exercise and if you already do, take a friend along for the ride. Let the endorphins enliven you and the sweat make you happy.

Daily Challenge: Get at least 15 minutes of exercise today. Show us your sneakers laced up and ready to go!

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