You know that person. Thoooooose people. You pass them in the street, see them on TV or have known them your entire life, the people who just oooooze confidence. You see them walk into a room, head high and striding through the door and you think, wow! Those people. Or maybe for you it’s a celebrity or musician? If you have never really thought about it at all, today you are! Today you’re going to find yourself some confidence role models.

This isn’t about replicating them. It isn’t about being them. It’s about having a role model to model your behaviour after. Like the ‘What Would Jesus Do’ movement. What would *insert confident person’s name here* do? Until the day comes when you know for yourself what YOU would do.

For me it’s always been a mashed up version of my parents. My mother is an extrovert  She derives energy from people and loves being around them. People are her people. I loved her confident to walk up to anyone, anywhere and say hello. She makes friends easily and is a fun person to have around but she’s terrified of public speaking. And then there’s my Dad. He’s a quiet man, a man of few words especially in a crowd. He is a loyal friend but doesn’t go out of his way to make new ones. He is a man of great wisdom and delivers one heck of a one on one conversation and an impressive public speaker.

The hybrid combo that would be my parents mashed together, which ironically I am in some ways, was my idea of a perfect role model for confidence. Every time I was challenged I would think to myself, what would the hybrid parent do? i would channel my Mum in crowds, for making friends or at parties. I would look to my Dad for speaking in public, being a loyal and committed listener. I would look to my vision of them until one day I chuckled and knew exactly what was next for me.

Who will it be for you?

Daily Challenge: Make a collage or list of people who you admire for their confidence. Who are they and why are they on your list?


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