There was this one night that something shifted for me. I had shoulder length orange/blonde hair, badly fitting jeans and an old cardigan on. I’d had a few drinks with my sister, her partner and my husband and we were heading OUT. I added some heels to my outfit and felt okay. Good enough, I thought.

On the way there my sister handed me a red lipstick and demanded I put it on. I screwed up my nose a little and told her it really wasn’t my thing. It used to be, she said. Put it on. I gave in as I so often do to her and put it on. Something happened when I put that lipstick on, like a reminder of the good old days or something.

I felt GOOD, great even! The whole night spun on that moment. I felt more me, more confident, more happy than I had in a long time. That was the beginning of the end as far as my disposable income goes. My love of all things hair, makeup and clothes returned with a vengeance. I was going to take care of me. I was going to show the world that I had remembered who I am.

And it was a lipstick people.

A cheap red lippie {maybe not cheap, but it was free for me}.

It just takes something to give you that shove.

Today is the day for you. You’re going to have your red lippie moment. Maybe not literally, but you are. Today you are going to take a long hard look in the mirror. You’re going to wear clothes you love {and that FIT!}, you’re going to do your hair and make-up {guys, the make-up part is optional} and you’re going to walk out that door knowing in your guts that you’re looking goooooood. Great even!

No exceptions.

Do not leave until it happens.

If you’ve already left, go back and start again.

Jokes. But do it tomorrow for sure.

There is confidence in looking your best. Absolutely.

I can hear you all now saying, but Sugeeeeeer! I don’t have anything to wear. I never feel good. I hate my clothes/hair/shoes/face! So I can’t! Is there any of that happening over there with you? If there is, it’s time to stop. Like, now please. I want you to stop for a minute and ask yourself why that is. Why do you have nothing you like to wear, that looks good on you? Why is your hair a mess? Why does the idea of walking outside and feeling good about yourself freak you out so much?

Any idea?

It might be money, maybe you don’t have the time, the inclination, the whatever it is but in all seriousness these are excuses for not looking your best, not taking after yourself, not making yourself a priority. I have to be a little bit straight with you and just say it. It’s time to change that today. Get digging in that wardrobe or your make-up stash. There will be something there. Maybe for you it’s just going to mean washing and styling your hair. Do that!

Do whatever you want to do. Just make it fabulous because today you are priority number one and you’re going to look like it.

Daily Challenge: Leave the house looking and feeling fab! I expect proof too by the way.

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