Less than a month ago I confessed that our lives had gotten out of control. The tax returns hadn’t been filed in almost three years, the junk was piling up and even the dishes seemed to be getting done a little less regularly. Life was winning and beating us down with its stuff to do. Life had gotten messy and we felt it.

Do you know that feeling when you don’t want someone to come to your house because it’s a mess? Or you don’t want to see someone down the street because you still owe them a catch up or some work? That feeling right there makes you wary, on the lookout… Nervous. It hands your power over to someone, if not everyone, else.

It’s just really, really hard to look confident hiding behind a kerbside garbage bin.

When you are kicking life’s butt, instead of the other way around, when there are no pressing issues looming over your head you just feel good. Good about yourself, mostly. Like, yay me, gosh I’m awesome. So we’re going to try and get you there. You’re going to start by making a list. Of everything and anything you have hanging over your head. Writing this I just added burn a CD for my Aunt’s bowls club Christmas party. Because every time I see her I think, oh poo, I still haven’t done that. So get out that pen and paper and start making a list.

  • Clean out the closets
  • Empty the junk draw
  • Vacuum your car
  • Ditch that bad friend
  • Burn that disc for your Aunt
  • Finish your tax return/s
  • File those papers
  • Return the necklaces I borrowed from my sister

You know, that sort of thing.

I always feel the most confident when I feel on top of things. You will too. And making the list shouldn’t make you hyperventilate or anything. It’s just a list. Some of these things you can do today, or tomorrow. Some might need to be done this week, some this month or this year. Write them all down. Add a little symbol or number for when you’d like to have it done by. Start the list with something you have already accomplished today and cross it off. That helps too.

I bet you feel pretty darn awesome now. Don’t you?

Daily Challenge: Make a messy life hit list and get to work crossing some of those things off. Show us your BIGGEST mess. Own it, you’ll be fine. Haha.

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