Find people who love you. Or think you’re ok at least. And tell them of your mission for more confidence. This alone will take something. Telling people that you are working on your confidence takes admitting that it needs work. I’d always been quiet good at putting on a brave front. A plastered face of confidence that people rarely saw through but the truth was that I was terrified, panicking and sick.

I attended a conference on the Sunshine Coast a few years back. I didn’t know anyone going but I’d been looking forward to it for AGES. No amount of fear was going to stop me from going. I made it through the day. I even found some very non-threatening types to have lunch with. Then I went to the networking event. There was no escaping the panic at the event.

I walked through the door at sunset. The air had a coastal smell about it, salty and ripe. There were women chatting in every corner. Every stand crowded with bodies. A wall of backs aimed at me. I moved from here to there and never settled into conversation. The blood pumped through my veins challenging me to even hear. After less than half an hour I rush towards the door. I am barely outside and I cry big fat tears. I double over trying to breathe. I have the first major panic attack of my life.

In that moment, in the dark, by a garden, I decided something had to change. I drove back to my parent’s unit with blurry, tear stained vision. I cursed myself the entire way for being afraid. Of being a chicken. Of being so, so, soooo stupid. I sat on the veranda that night overlooking the Maroochy River deciding for myself that this was the last time I ran away. Telling myself that I would find a way to not be afraid.

So I rallied the troops. That night I called my husband, I called my friends and I called my Dad. I told them what had happened. They reassured me of who I was. Told me they wanted more than that for me too. They became my cheer squad. Do you know what? Other than the support and kind words do you know what the most common thing people said to me when I told them I was afraid?

They said me too.

So support each other. Learn to be comfortable with yourself and people and do it together. Cheer each other on. Be there for each other. Tell us here if you like! Declare this your mission; To be CONFIDENT. Tell as many people as you can. Tell them how it REALLY is for you. Tell them the truth about you.

Daily Challenge – Tell at least one person what you’re doing and why. Recruit them into your cheer squad and share a pic with us!

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