The final challenge I have to set for you is perhaps the hardest of them all. I want you to keep working on building your confidence. Perhaps there was a particular day you found difficult. Try it over again, do it over and over until it feels like second nature to you. Commit to doing just one thing that makes you feel like you are being you, the most confident version of you. Hubby suggests wearing your underwear and socks around the house like a boss.

But each to their own.

Just keep on practising.

I was driving behind a learner driver the other day. They were too far to the left and had to come out around a parked car. Their actions were jerky, their skills minimal, that was obvious from the distance I was away. As I turned off I thought how easily changing gears, indicating, turning off and maintaining my position on the correct side of the road was for me. It was second nature now after over a decade of driving on the road.

Having confidence and being who you are is just like being a learner driver at first. You might feel a bit clunky, like it takes ALL your concentration just to do the most basic of things. It’s an ongoing process of learning and practicing, it doesn’t come easily at first. But it will. If you make living this way a practice you will soon find yourself a competent driver of the confidence train.

Woo wooo.


Too much?

Yeah, it was. I thought so too.


There will always be something that will do its best to bring your confidence down. Mostly it will be you and the thoughts you have about yourself that do it. Don’t let it beat you. Every single time I go to a conference I have a moment or two of panic that I have to overcome in order to get the most out of my experience. But it comes down to one thing, would I rather be cowering in the corner or getting the most out of every moment? The same goes for you and life in general.

So just keep doing the things that have worked for you, keep pushing yourself and keep practising the things that bring you confidence. Thank you for joining in the challenge. Thank you to every single one of you who shared the posts, commented, like the images or told a friend. Thank you for being here. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series, keep an eye out in the new year for a work book based on the posts. If you have a success story you would like to have featured, please leave a comment below or email me.

Now, go be awesome! xo

Daily Challenge: Commit to doing one thing every day to maintain this new level of confidence.

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