If there is one thing we, as bloggers, have learnt over the past year it is that given the chance we can make a huge difference. Sometimes the simple fact is that we look at our lives and ourselves as too small. Take a look around. There are some big problems out there and YOU could be doing something small to make a difference.

You’re not.

Ask Eden, Smaggle and Kelly.

Ask the kids who have sponsors and the programs that have funding.

Ask Danimezza, who makes a difference for me and women in general every single day. She has the emails to prove it. There are loads and loads more. In fact every single person who wrote for the I Heart My Body campaign on We Heart Life. The brave women of the Post Natal Depression campaign too!

Why all this blog love in’ness?

I say all this to encourage you to do YOUR big thing. The thing that makes a difference to the things that matter to you. I want you to dig deep in your guts, where the hidden dreams are. I’m asking that you dream bigger. This works two fold. To change the way you look at yourself and to take the focus from yourself and onto others giving you less time to listen to that jerk voice of yours.

This series was a big dream for me. It was a lot of my guts on a page. I struggled with myself a lot writing this series. I struggled with the idea of being confident ENOUGH to write something like this. Even the idea of having to ask people to share it, to show it to their readers, to their friends was difficult. I’ve never so blatantly self promoted anything in my life, and maybe that was something to do with confidence in itself. I’ve exposed myself here, committed to something and hoped like hell it worked.

And now we are here, so near to the end, I’m proud of all that I’ve achieved so far. I am proud and so grateful for the emails, proud of the messages and notes and even the card in the MAIL {love that}. So thank you for joining in with MY big dream. Now go find yours. Maybe we can help you achieve it?

Daily Challenge: Dream bigger! Share what you would do if money, time and other restrictions weren’t a factor, if you could truly do, be or have anything!

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