I find that if I have a purpose that the confidence I need to do what I need to do shows up. When my cousin passed away suddenly and I was asked to deliver part of his eulogy with a friend of his and his brother. I knew it would be a large funeral. Our family is quite large and well known locally. I was nervous and felt a little sick at the idea of speaking in front of so many people.

It was going to take something to overcome the fear of speaking in front of hundreds, if not a thousand people. My aunt and cousin prepared what I had to cover, I personalised it. I practiced it, read it more than a few times to get it nailed. Still I felt sick with the idea of it. I arrive at the funeral and took my seat. I was nervous but I knew it wouldn’t be a problem.

I could do this.

I had a purpose and the confidence, well it just showed up.

Life is a bit like that.

It has to matter or you don’t bother.

So what are you doing in life that makes it matter for you. Perhaps it’s raising your kids, making sure they have all the opportunities available by going out of your way to play nice with the other parents and make them some friends. Maybe for you, you have a message to share and want to be a public speaker. Maybe you want your own business and have no idea how to ‘sell it’.

Take the time today to make a plan for your life. What is on the line for you? What is it going to cost you if you never come out of your shell and great the world with your awesomeness?

Daily Challenge: Build on your list from yesterday about who you are by adding some goals for yourself that will challenge and push you. Put something on the line for yourself. I’d love if you’d share with us what it is.


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