I flew into Melbourne for the first time with no plan on what the heck I was doing. I had the name of my accommodation tucked somewhere in my handbag and a vague idea that there was a shuttle or something. I was under-prepared, freaking out and fussing about in the airport I ran into Sheri and her man friend. They rescued me from my flap. It took me ages to settle into a conversation, ages to feel comfortable and even longer to be confident in a situation where I was basically tagging along with no idea of what was going on.

And then there was a tram.

I tell you this because sometimes all it takes to make you feel more confident in any given situation is to be prepared. Know where you’re going, who else will be there and what you’ve got to do when you get there. Those scouts’s really were on to something with their ‘Be Prepared’ motto. Sometimes it just takes a little behind the scenes leg work to give you a confidence boost.

Think about it for a moment. The last time you attended an event or party where you didn’t know what the deal was? How did you feel? I’m going to guess it was a little nerve wracking, right? Freak out a little did you? For me, there’s nothing that makes me feel as uncomfortable as not knowing how something is going to go. Sure, I really have no control anyway, but I like a general idea. It calms my nerves and let me get straight on with the task at hand. You know, being awesome.

Today’s challenge is to prepare for something that coming up; a party, an event, or a moment. Take a look in the coming weeks for anything that will have you feeling nervous about how it’s going to go. Work out what you can about it. Start putting your mind at ease. A clear head helps you feel confident, and you just can’t have a clear head if you’re running late, have no idea where the venue is and what the dress code might be… Just saying.

Do you prepare like a scout or just wing it?

Daily Challenge: Do your homework and be prepared for that upcoming event or situation that is worrying you and stealing your confidence.


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