Leading on from having a sense of humour, today’s challenge is to play a little game. You see, most things that suck your confidence like fear of embarrassment or being ousted as a total loser have this heavy, horrible feeling about them. You might have heard the stats that people are more afraid of public speaking than of death. But the simple fact is public speaking won’t kill you, no matter HOW BAD you feel.

You know, unless you fall off the stage impaling yourself on a lectern on the way down or something. But really, what ARE the odds of that happening? And if it did, what a spectacular way to go!

That little example above brings me to the game. I call it the worst-case scenario game. I learnt it in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People book. It was designed for worrying and for planning, from memory. But it works just as well for building confidence because it stamps out so much worry because worrying eats confidence.

Here’s what you do…

A few years ago I had to go to my husband’s rather large Christmas party gathering, I was at the lowest my self-esteem had gotten in my whole adult life. I didn’t want to go; I was worried I would embarrass Hubby in front of his workmates or employers. So I started imagining the worst-case scenario.

I may walk in, trip on my heels falling face-first on the ground, skirt up around my waist. I would get up and find my heel was broken and my hands, elbows and knees were bloody. Other guests would see the gore and commence vomiting. Others would see the vomit and start vomiting too. Soon almost everyone there would have been sick including me. Then I would start to get a little light-headed from the blood loss and the vomiting and start to random, weird things to everyone there. They would assume I was drunk as a combination of my fall and the rambling and Kel would be fired on the spot. After getting him fired, Hubby would drive me home, tell me he was leaving me because I was such a disaster, would pack and bag and go. I would become so sad and eventually die of a broken heart, bandaged and alone.

No really. Welcome to my brain.

All of a sudden I felt a little better about going. Things couldn’t go THAT badly, surely. The chances of Hubby being fired on the spot were slim to none especially based on my behaviour. I’d heard these events were quiet errr, loose, anyway. But just to protect myself a little, I wore flats and pants and didn’t drink a drop. Ha!

Try it out, it’s fun. Especially for those of us with rather vivid imaginations! You’ll have yourself in stitches within minutes and feeling a whole lot better about taking on whatever your situation is.

Daily Challenge: Picture the worst-case scenario for a situation that zaps your confidence. Don’t stop making it worse until it seems ridiculous.

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