When you enter a room of people or a new workplace or even your child’s classroom, what do you notice first? Take a moment to think about that. Do you see the people, the colours and sounds? Or do you give the most attention to what is going on in your head and the beat of your own heart…? For most of us, myself included, it’ll be the latter. It’ll all be about you and how you’re feeling at that moment.

If you’re not feeling very confident, your thoughts are usually on what might happen or what has happened to you in the past. Or maybe you’re the owner of a vivid imagination, and it’s something that has never happened to anyone ever, but you’re convinced it might happen to you. Or is that just me? Anyway, the point is that you are probably ok at the present moment. There’s nothing to challenge you, nothing for you to be afraid of. And that has to make you feel better, right?

I told the story on Day Ten about how I developed a fear of speaking up and answering questions; what if I was laughed at? To overcome this, I have to remind myself that I am not an eight-year-old being laughed at. Nor am I a 29-year-old {my age now, go me} who is being laughed at. Neither of those things is happening right now. Does that make sense?

By bringing myself back to what is happening right now, I find I am calm, clear and can overcome almost anything. Today the challenge is simple, in your everyday life if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel very confident keep bringing yourself back to what is happening now. An easy way to do this is to shift your focus to something in the room you’re in. Something real and tangible to stop your mind wondering.


Daily Challenge: Keep bringing yourself back to what is happening now.

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