Sometimes the easiest way to have confidence is to have a sense of humour about stuff. All stuff. I was once directing a show, a small musical production in my local town. The half time break came and I decided to sneak down the stage side stairs instead of walking all the way around the rear of the theatre.

I slipped on the top step and fell to my butt, sliding down the remaining 8 or 9 stairs and sliding along the polished timber floor at the bottom. The noise was horrific. The pain in my butt was worse. I burnt red in the face, leapt to my feet and took a sweeping bow. Laughing and saying, well, how was THAT for a half time show. Ouch. Before limping off chuckling to myself.




You betcha.

But did I come out with my confidence intact?

Yes, I did. Because I had a sense of humour. I knew that most people in the audience had fallen down some stairs before. They ALL probably would have had falling down a flight of stairs in front of a large audience on their lists of most embarrassing things that could ever happen to them. Heck, I’m pretty sure it had been on mine! I knew that most would be concerned for my well being. Making them laugh broke the tension; it also helped ease the pain of my quickly bruising right butt cheek and hip.

Sometimes you just have to look at something that sucks and find the humour in it. Even if you don’t pull it off right then and there, then later. Some of the best posts on this blog happened because later after I’d cooled off or got over something there was a really funny story there. It helps to put this in perspective sometimes; today’s fall down the stairs is tomorrow’s best story ever. It makes you a little more able to hand the failures, the face plants and the falls. A sense of humour is gold for confidence. Being able to laugh at yourself is diamonds.


Daily Challenge: Find the funny side to one of your most embarrassing moments.

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