Is there a spark there? A teeny tiny one even? A spark that makes you feel like maybe, just maybe you are feeling a little more confident? It may not even be there all the time. It may come and go. No matter how small it is you need to take a moment to acknowledge yourself. It’s like week one when we were being kind. Maybe you don’t feel like you’ve come that far.

You have!

Today you are to treat yourself to a little something something to say well done you. No excuses. No budget talks. No two ways about it. I do not care if it is a second hand book from the local op shop for $1. Today is the day you celebrate yourself for coming this far.

Do you feel it?

For me I realised that I might have some self confidence when I signed myself into a seminar on my own. I decided that I wanted to do it and if no one was going to come with me, then I’d go by myself. Which was all kinds of unheard of. Off I went and I talked to people and I was put into a group and I made friends, it was an amazing moment for me. I could do it! Really could.

Maybe by now you’ve had a moment like this? Maybe you haven’t. Wherever you are right now is fine. Don’t tell me you forgot the first post {I know, I know, it was a million years ago now} about being kind to yourself. Keep doing that, keep doing the challenges and sooner or later, it’ll just be there.

And until then, enjoy your present to yourself!

Daily Challenge: Buy yourself a surprise for being so awesome.


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