We’ve said a lot about faking it. A lot about walk this way, hold your face that way, do this and do that. But maybe for you there is something there that is holding you back. Something that tells you no matter what that you aren’t good enough, that you’re being ridiculous even reading these or that it just isn’t going to work for you.

Do you guys know the card game called bullshit? You play along ‘dumping’ cards with the aim of putting down all your cards before the other players. I might put down two cards and call them 2 aces. If one of the other players doesn’t believe me, for whatever reason, they call bullshit. If I am lying, I have to pick up ALL the cards in the pile, if I wasn’t they have to.

When you call someone out you call bullshit.

And why is this relevant?

Well, today you are going to face that little voice in your head and call bullshit.

The voice that says you’re not worth it.

The voice that says you don’t deserve it.

The voice that says you’re stupid, ugly, pointless and unworthy.

The voice that says you have stuffed up this life so badly that there’s no coming back.

Tell that voice that Suger says bullshit.

And I am sure as heck not going to be the one holding all the cards. Because that voice is mean. It’s horrible. It doesn’t know what the heck it is talking about. It is designed to keep you safely in your place. A warm bubble of non-threatening nothingness. But we don’t want warm bubbles of nothingness. We want confidence.


Daily Challenge: Call Bullshit on yourself and the negative thoughts you’re thinking.



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