How do you walk? Do you strut or maybe you’re a shuffler? Do you stride with long steps and a determination or do you skip? The way you walk says a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Today I challenge you to go to the supermarket, the main street of your town or the school pick up, even in your living room and walk like the most confident person you know.

Top Model Style!


For this one I was really, really tempted to just film people walking down the street. I’d crop their heads off like some current affairs type show. They’d be headless torsos and legs strutting down the street. Confident, not confident; one by one marking them off and judging them by the way they walk. But really, that’s a bit stalkerish, right?

So you’re going to have to get out there, people watch. Look at the posture, the way they move, the pace and the shape of them. Use all this to determine what your best confident person walk looks like. After today you may never use this challenge again, maybe you will, but take the time to do it. What is it about them that make them look so sure? And what are you doing differently?

Daily Challenge: Create a ‘Confident Person’ walk for yourself.



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