You guys know my cousin Flick, right? Around her I’ve mentioned once or twice that she is at this moment overseas for 7 months exploring and working in the US and Canada. When she mentioned to me that she was thinking of going, I told her to go for it! Jump, I said. She, gusty she, did. And now on the adventure of a lifetime she is loving it!

Chantelle wrote a little while ago about the fear that gripped her about speaking on a panel at the ProBlogger event. A shy person naturally, warm and gentle, it took bravery and courage to put herself out there like that. And then she did and loved it! She never wanted to get off the stage. I hope she never does.

For me, it was deciding to get married. I was engaged at 20 after knowing Hubby for a mere 6 weeks. Sure it was sort of stupid too. Naive, yes, there was plenty of that. But for someone who thought that getting married was the end of all of life’s adventure it took something else. Bravery. I knew this man was the one for me. As infuriating as he could be. So I had to jump. And 10 years later, I’m glad I did.

So here’s the challenge ladies and gents, today you are going to do something you never thought you would. It may be something small or large. It could be saying yes to something you’ve been afraid to say yes too. Sometimes being brave and saying yes is what it takes to feel great about you. And feeling great about yourself is one of those markers to feeling confident.

So think about it a little, will you tell someone you love them, apply for that dream job or do something like eating at a table in a restaurant without a book or your smart phone. Do something you never thought you would and enjoy every minutes of it! You know, after you finish peeing your pants a little. We’ve got your back, go for it!

Daily Challenge: Do something today you NEVER thought you would.

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