What would you say THE main reason you don’t have confidence is? Would you say you feel inferior? Have been reduced to the position you’re currently in by someone who put you down, maybe that someone was you? What is it for you? For me, I always felt like there was someone who was smarter, prettier, thinner, smarter, better than me. Always. Then someone told me that I had my head up my butt and so do most people. Which meeeeeans, they are so busy with their head up their butt that they barely even notice you. They aren’t making eye contact either. They aren’t noticing you much at all. Butt related short sightedness, if you will.

And the best part about that is the NO ONE CARES about you!

Well they care but they care about themselves MORE.

So you can try and fail and most people will be in awe of your for even trying.

You can speak up and most people will admire that.

Do anything that scares you a little and you will be a wonder of the modern world.

If you have the opportunity today watch the people as you walk into a big room, or a shopping centre food court. There will be some who out and out LOOK terrified, there will be others putting on a brave face and more in packs who derive their confidence from the group. With all those people, out, doing their thing I can almost guarantee that none of them will take the time to look at you for more than a few seconds. They certainly won’t make eye contact and start up a conversation.

Unless you see me. Then you’ll get all the conversation you need and more. I’m the chatty Cathy in the super market line. Saying hi there, nice day for it. Oh how ARE those *insert grocery item here*. Haha, super markets are SO funny… All that. Then we talk; me, them and often the cashier. We chat our way through the blip blip of the scanner, the zip of the eftpos card and they are on their way. It’s nicer this way.

So your challenge today is to remove your head from where it is in your butt and talk to people people. Especially strangers. Forget what your mother and the eighties school system taught you and talk to people. You may just find someone interesting. Or a new friend. You might also be given a look like you’re an absolute nutter. Just smile and back away from those people, have a laugh because I TOLD you that would happen and move on.

Daily Challenge: Start a conversation with a stranger.

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