Let’s go out, he said. I’m sick of being cooped up, let’s get out of here. Air conditioning has that effect on him. Too cold, too perfect, too much. Actually any thing with four walls freaks him out after a while. And so, we go out. Usually for a drive. Sometimes for dinner or lunch or some version of meal. It’s the way dates look when you’ve been together a while. In our case anyway. Any time we try too hard to make a plan, set a date and go out, it never works out.

I prefer the impromptu date.

I prefer to just be with him and drive.

I prefer to have him next to me doing something mundane then not have him there at all.

Except the groceries. I hate having him with me when I do the groceries. He loves to wander off, with the trolley just as I have an arm load of stuff to put in it. Or leave it unattended with my handbag sitting on top. A waving red flag of steal me sitting there for everyone to see. Yes, I absolutely prefer not to have him with me for that.

Errr, what the heck was my point? Oh. Right. Dates for old, boring, married people. It turns out that sometimes, in these busy times it takes something to make time for each other. Sometimes all it takes is little bursts of time, spent well with each other. That’s what I think.

What do you think? Planned date nights or impromptu mini dates? Or worse, doing the groceries together?? 

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