Sometimes we bust out of the ordinary and go on a date. Sometimes it’s planned and sometimes it’s not. When it’s planned we almost never go. Isn’t that weird? It seems if we have to do it, because it’s on the calendar it just loses its appeal. Last night we decided at the last minute to go and have dinner at the local pub. We decided and got dressed to leave so quickly we were there before the evening meals were even being served. Darn it. Thanks to the no phone on dates rule now we have to talk to each other. Jokes. It really wasn’t THAT awkward. Just a little.

Hubby guided me to the bar in that elegant date night way with his large hand placed in the dip of my back and we ordered some drinks. I ruffled his hair and we laughed at how long and messy it is now. We joked with the barmaid about the generous 30c tip she’d been left and applauded her ingenuity when she raided the kitchen for a decent wedge of lemon to put in my drink. Nothing worse than a skinny little sliver of lemon when you want some flavour, not garnish, don’t you think? Anyway, that filled about 15 minutes.

Being so close, yet so far, the kitchen staff let us order but warned us they wouldn’t cook it for another 15 minutes. We decided to do something that we rarely do. We were going to hit the pokies. Hubby is a sometimes pokie player. I’m an almost never. And here we were with the hardcore Sunday afternoon crowd. We waded into the room and found ourselves a machine. At this stage we split up {one chair per machine, thank you very much}, took our $10 each to gamble like we’d never gambled before {ok, slight exaggeration}. Destined for wealth and fortune, I’m sure.

I fed my $10 into the machine and cashed it out immediately. I like the ping ping of the coins in the tray. I’m lame like that. Once I had them out, I fed them into the machine three at a time clicking the buttons and attracting the attention of my neighbour. Obviously I wasn’t doing it right… After a while Hubby came back to announce that our entree’s had arrived at the table and we should go and eat. I took out my money and was happy to notice that I still had $5. Too bad, I thought, I bet that machine was about to get free games {they had been suspiciously absent while I played}. Oh well. Date night calls.

We had dinner, we chatted, I made Hubby listen to my plans for outfit posts this coming week. He made me listen to stories about relatives of mine driving 4WD’s in the forestry. You know, we bonded and stuff. He drank orange juice concentrate the was so sickly sweet I could smell the sugar from my side of the table. I wrote what my meal included onto the back of a Keno ticket lamenting not having my phone to track my points. Hubby said ‘excuses excuses’ just like I would’ve said to him. And then we were ready to leave.

On the way out I looked over my shoulder towards MY pokie machine and saw my neighbour had in fact scored himself the free games on MY machine and was collecting a substantial payout. Look, I hissed, I told you it was about to win. Seeeeeee! Hubby smiled and said, yeah I know, you were robbed. Kissed my forehead and took my arm to walk me out. I smiled because I had definitely enjoyed my dinner with Hubby more than my half hour spent playing 5c spins on the machine. I decided we needed to do this more often. We needed to get out more. We went home happy.

So the moral of the story is don’t feed $5 into a pokie machine then leave it when it’s about to get good no matter how hot your date is.

Oh. Wait. That WAS the point right?

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