I was very nearly a swimsuit model, did you know? The call had gone out for models for Danielle of www.danimezza.com’s SWIM+ lookbook photo shoot months before. Then one night, probably drunk let’s face it, I came across the request and was like, heck I’d do it if I could get the time off work. It turned out I couldn’t and my modelling debut has once again been delayed. How sad for us all. Eeek. But the lookbook powered on.

It turns out they didn’t need me AT ALL because it looks amazing. Sam and Sara make a great team in front of the camera with Danielle doing her thing behind. If I wouldn’t miss her so much in blog-world I’d tell her to go for it, quit it all and be a “photog” 100% of the time. photographers have blogs, right? Anywaaaay. This post is about the lookbook. And Danielle has generously allowed me to share some of the gorgeous images with you all. I picked my favourites {favourite swimsuits, favourite images, favourite whatever} so here they are in all their glory for us to oooo and aaaahhh over. SWIM+ 2103, here goes.

Danimezza-SWIM+-Aussie-Curves-Plus-Size-Fashion-Blogger-Outfit-swimwear-resort-bikini-fatkini-curvy-australian-lady-women-girls-inspirational-LOOKBOOK-55 Danimezza-SWIM+-Aussie-Curves-Plus-Size-Fashion-Blogger-Outfit-swimwear-resort-bikini-fatkini-curvy-australian-lady-women-girls-inspirational-LOOKBOOK-56 Danimezza-SWIM+-Aussie-Curves-Plus-Size-Fashion-Blogger-Outfit-swimwear-resort-bikini-fatkini-curvy-australian-lady-women-girls-inspirational-LOOKBOOK-43 Danimezza-SWIM+-Aussie-Curves-Plus-Size-Fashion-Blogger-Outfit-swimwear-resort-bikini-fatkini-curvy-australian-lady-women-girls-inspirational-LOOKBOOK-32 Danimezza-SWIM+-Aussie-Curves-Plus-Size-Fashion-Blogger-Outfit-swimwear-resort-bikini-fatkini-curvy-australian-lady-women-girls-inspirational-LOOKBOOK-37 Danimezza-SWIM+-Aussie-Curves-Plus-Size-Fashion-Blogger-Outfit-swimwear-resort-bikini-fatkini-curvy-australian-lady-women-girls-inspirational-LOOKBOOK-38 Danimezza-SWIM+-Aussie-Curves-Plus-Size-Fashion-Blogger-Outfit-swimwear-resort-bikini-fatkini-curvy-australian-lady-women-girls-inspirational-LOOKBOOK-12 Danimezza-SWIM+-Aussie-Curves-Plus-Size-Fashion-Blogger-Outfit-swimwear-resort-bikini-fatkini-curvy-australian-lady-women-girls-inspirational-LOOKBOOK-28 Swim+-2013-3D-Cover-600-More photos of the SWIM+ lookbook at www.danimezza.com.

To view the entire lookbook head over to Dani’s page or check out this post which appeared on her blog Friday. Make sure you take the time to pin an image or share it with your friends. A book like this doesn’t make itself and sharing is caring and making sure it gets made again and again. Let’s support projects like this within our community. Know of something we should be getting behind? Let me know, I’d love to share.


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