Welcome Sugers to this week’s Friends of Suger – Your Style post and please welcome Danielle from Five Little Reasons. I first met Danielle when she emailed me about doing her blog. In that process we got to know each other quite well. Right Dani? Lots and lots of emails back and forward until finally, she exclaimed, that’s IT! Victory. After that we caught up for coffee a couple of times and talked blogging. Of course!

Danielle and her gorgeous family make me smile. I think of them lining up for a photo at Dreamworld and posing and I smile. She’s a lucky girl that Danielle. Now check out her gorgeous, unique style and her 5 little reasons too. And seriously, after only ever seeing Danielle in jeans I saw for the first time, this girls got some seriously great pins! Haha.

When Suger approached me to do a Friends of Suger post to discuss my fashion style, I was reluctant. I honestly didn’t think I had a “Style”. I have never been a girl who thinks about what she is going to wear. I get up and throw on whatever I pull out of the wardrobe first. The only time I have to think about it, is if I catch myself in the mirror and think that someone will think I am pregnant. It happens far too often.

My style is only now starting to really come out of its shell after being pregnant or breastfeeding for the past 10 years. Now that I don’t have to think about that side of fashion (or lack of), I am exploring my tastes much more. I guess though… I do have a style. I would have to put it in the Classic Fashion Style with a Rock edge.

99% of the time I am a jeans and shirt kinda girl. I love my jeans. They are safe and comfortable. I like to wear pretty shirts and blouses (do people still call them blouses?). My motto is that “Heels complete an outfit”. Even though I am tall, I love my wedges and heels. On a lazy Sunday, I love to wear maxi dresses and flats. Now that it is getting cooler, I love to throw on my denim jacket. Again… it is safe. If Brett and I go out for a night out, I will usually be a little more daring. I love MY Rock Look – lots of colour. I am looking forward to adding to my limited wardrobe selection in the next few months.

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