My Dad declared himself the other day. This born man of the roads hopes to make a few trips on his motorcycle to some of the best spots this country has on offer. But he had a problem. He’s ridden across the Nullarbor from Perth to Brisbane so distance, time on a bike or the time in general isn’t the problem. His problem is that he sees these things he just can’t explain. Scenery, people, events… Things he never wants to forget or wishes he could share.

So, he asked me, do you know about those cameras that attach to the helmets? The Gro-things?

Gopro Dad, I said.

Yeah, those things are amazing, he continued.

Imagine, if I had one of those for the Cape trip. I would have captured Kel’s stack {My Kel, Hubby Kel, yup, super stack}. I would be able to show people the video of him whizzing past me, slipping and skidding in the red dirt. Show them the very moment that the front end of the bike twisted and turned him off, throwing him in the air and landing in an atomic bomb styled puff of red dirt. Me trying to catch up and finally standing over him as he sucked in a deep breath, winded worse than anyone I’ve ever seen.

I thought about what Dad said for a moment. Having Hubby home safe and well with me means yes, I probably would enjoy watching that. We nodded and I said that if he was keen I could set him up with one and somewhere cool to publish it. Told him he’d probably have to get on Facebook if he wanted to be a web content deliverer. He scrunched up his nose {in a very similar way to what I do} and said, maybe not. No facebook.

It made me think of the changes in technology, access and life basically. The changes to story telling and sharing. The descriptive words of the writers I grew up with and the rambling tales of bloggers I love. I’ve downloaded pages and pages of books to my iBooks account. Free downloads that include Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables, What Katie Did and The Swiss Family Robinson. Dozens of them. There to remind me that I love to read. That I love to write. That I love to share.

It turns out I probably got that from my Dad.

Asked recently why I started a blog, I said I stumbled across it and I stayed because I loved it. It occurs to me that I share in the simplest of ways. I like words. I like pictures. Videos and Gopros don’t really appeal to me. Maybe I’m old school like that? But one thing I know is that as I explore my thoughts and ideas I become better. Sharing, communicating your thoughts and ideas gives them time to, I don’t know, become real? It breathes life into them.

So maybe you don’t blog. Maybe you share your love of things, your thoughts on things another way. I hope you do anyway. I read this {sponsored} post over at Fat Mum Slim yesterday about the love of creating. I hope you know what your thing is or are looking for it. I don’t care if you are a 62-year-old man with plans to ride around the country filming on your Gopro or if you’re a teenage girl who dreams of turning her passion for dance into a career. Find your thing. Express yourself.

And tell us all about it. 

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