The old saying goes hire slowly, fire quickly. And on my blog I do something along this line with things like regular features or posts on a particular topic. Now, this won’t mean that you have to take a hatchet to something that you love and adore. But if your aim is growth of your blog the reader is key, if not king. If they aren’t voting with their clicks or comments, then you know they’ve become tired of it and it may be time to go. Especially if for you it has become a weight around your neck. Something you HAVE to do. Something you’re no longer interested in. Perhaps, there’s a correlation there, between you and your readers. Go figure, huh?

This can also be true with multiple blogs. I’ve had them. Most people have. Sooner or later most people end up scaling back to one. There are ways to ensure your content is rolled into your main blog including the comments. But mostly you have to decide when it’s time to close a blog. And when it’s ok to keep going. Only you will be able to make the call. And the choice of which to close and which to keep might not always be the one you thought it would be in the beginning. Take your time. Consider your options.

Recently there’s been a major shift around here. This is a plus size fashion blog with a dash of life on the side, instead of the other way around. It was sort of happening and then I gave it a shove and just went for it. In the post I did announcing, acknowledging this, I said that right now this Is my expression, that my blog is merely a reflection of that. Is your blog still an expression of you or are you going through the motions and maybe it’s time to cut some dead wood loose?

So which is it?

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