The days are cold and wet around here at the moment. So cold that according to the weather outlook it will be warmer to be in Sydney than to stay here in sunny Queensland. Given that I feel like days of sunshine are few and far between you’ll forgive me if I scoff at the ye ole sunshine state tag. I’m frustrated and annoyed at the weather. Isn’t that just the silliest thing to be frustrated at? There’s nothing I can do about the weather. But if I could…

It’s not just that my hair is always frizzy and my car is always dirty. It’s not even that going to the gym in the morning is a battle of wills and a question of risking personal safety through the fog. It’s that Hubby’s business relies pretty darn heavily on it being fine. At least sometimes. So at the moment it feels like we’re a one point five income family. If that. We do ok. It’s just frustrating to have worked hard to line work up, keep clients returning and referring business to see it literally wash down the drain.

So yeah, today I want to control the weather. As usual, Melissa attempting to control the uncontrollable. I think I need the words ‘Let Go or Be Dragged’ tattooed on my forehead or something. At very least on the palm of my hand like some constant note to remember to pick up milk. I’m being dragged people. Kicking and screaming and shouting and swearing. By the freakin’ weather of all things.

Bring on a trip south to warmer pastures.

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