I don’t normally weigh in on such things as the politics of sport, but well, it hit me in the face and cannot help but be commented on. There are probably no answers here for those seeking them. Perhaps Googling them such is the desperation. Australia wants to know, when the hell did our sports people turn into such prima-donna poo heads?



Well perhaps it was around the time you put them on the pedestal where they could do no wrong? Or when they were talked up, talked about and pushed until every single one of them cracked on the pool deck like emotionally wrung out teenagers. Some of them were actually teenagers. But maybe it was then.

Maybe it was when commenter’s of the game tried to play down and even normalise a player calling the umpire an f’ing cheat? Say we’ve all done it. Maybe we didn’t get caught. The penalty of an 11 week suspension is too harsh. This one only got 5 weeks, this one a 5 minute game penalty. Umm excuse me, what the hell!? Maybe it was then.

Maybe it was when confessed criminals {after all drugs ARE illegal here} are lorded around like the best thing since sliced bread while continuing to get themselves caught up in drama after drama never seeming to suffer any real consequences for their actions. Taken to rehab, let out and is on holidays. Paraded out to say sorry with the contrition of a 2 year old who knows no boundaries. Maybe it was then?

Oh. My. Gawd! REALLY?

So sports managers and coaches, if you want my advice, if you really are out there Googling for answers {please be doing that!} listen to this. Make them good people. Show them from a young age that winning is great, losing graciously takes guts too. Teach them to be fair, to communicate effectively and to wind down from the pressures of being the best. You make rules and set consequences that are enforced. Teach them to be kind and loyal, strong and warm. Teach them to be flawed humans not some kind of demi-god.

That’s how you shift the culture you numpties.

Ask any mother raising a 2-3 year old. It’s not rocket surgery but it does take something. And I’m talking to you too you rock stars, reality tv prince and princesses and wannabe celeb-utantes. Stop making a fool of us, it’s time to pull your socks up. This is getting embarrassing.

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