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There is one thing that brings my family out of the wood works and that’s pizza night. Roll out some dough, laden it with cheese and hey presto they’re all over you like flies. Interesting factoid Suger, you may be thinking, but what’s it doing in a Target post? Where’s the outfits, right? Well I hadn’t planned a home wares based post but it sort of happened. I had my Target gift card in my hot little hand and they just called to me!

They being a chopping board, pizza cutter and Jamie Oliver serving platter or two. As soon as I saw them I ditched all plans for this month and decided to whip up a pizza night! Yum. the platters I picked up are now showing as SOLD OUT online but check your local store. These melamine platters have been amazing and so useful. I wish I had more of them.

I rallied the troops, purchased my body weight in cheese and we were all set. A late change of venue for footy season later and the day was here. Pizza night! There were 10 adults to feed and football to watch so the oven pretty much turned over pizza after pizza for an hour or so until everyone was fed.

I was glad to have multiple pizza trays so I could have the next one ready to go in the oven when one came out. At $6 a pop, you can afford to have a few of them on hand even if your family aren’t quite the pizza fans that mine are. We did 8 pizzas in total from a double batch of dough plus a mini one for the kids.

The star of the night for me though is my new chopping board. This baby is solid, has legs with pads to stop it moving and it photographs like a dream. At my house {not shown in these photos} my kitchen is very white and grey. The multicoloured wood of this board just adds the extra something special looks great sitting on my bench top. Which it does most of the time.

So there you go! Below is a list of Target Essentials that will get you on your way to hosting your own pizza night and a hot tip for Thermomix owners when it comes to the pizza dough. I’m signing off, over and out, this post is making me hungry. Anyone for pizza? Haha.

Target Australia Homewares Pizza Night with Family-6

Target Australia Homewares Pizza Night with Family-8

Stock up on these essentials for your very own pizza night!

Pizza Cutter {gifted}
Small Chopping Board
Large Chopping Board {gifted – as shown}
Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle
{I’ve owned one of these for at least 5 years now, the best!}
Pizza Crisping Tray {gifted x 2}
Jamie Olivier ‘Don’t Mess with the Chef’ Tea Towels {cute!}

And don’t forget the cheese. You always need LOTS of cheese. 

Target Australia Homewares Pizza Night with Family-11

Happy pizza night folks! Keep warm. 


p.s. The fail proof pizza dough recipe is from the standard cookbook you receive when you buy your Thermomix. I’ve never had this baby fail me. That makes it idiot proof, I think. Fail proof so much so that even the time I used old plain wholemeal flour in the batch it worked. Now’s THAT’S special.

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