Howdy friends! It has been a while since I checked in on how you are all going out there. Did you find yourself running full steam ahead confidence wise or did the challenge kick your butt a bit? Either is ok. Promise.

For me, I found that December brought with it a crisis of confidence, a time of questioning and development. I kept to myself more than usual and considered what was next for me. I was proud of what we had achieved together during the post series but could see the glaring holes where I had missed the target.

So to keep up practising I thought a photo challenge might be fun! You can join in on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, or your blog. Anywhere that you would normally share photos. If the platform is hash tag friendly, please tag your photos with #ConfidentYou so I can see them. You can blog them, Instagram them, Flickr them, Facebook them or just keep them somewhere nice just for you.

There’s a prompt for every day of April and if you’re keen we’ll keep on going. You can take them literally, or interpret them whatever way you please. I hope you’ll join the fun and play along. I look forward to getting a glimpse into your world. And don’t worry if you can’t make the whole month, just drop in and out. I won’t tell.

Are you ready for the list?? Here you go…

Confident You Photo Challenge April

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