It was the first of November 2012 when the original Confident You challenge launched. I’d settled into blogging and I was receiving emails from people who read the blog. They wanted to know about my confidence. Where it came from, how I maintain it and what it took to create living it every day.

So I created the challenge.

28 days because it was long enough to form a habit. Long enough to make changes in your life and see genuine results. And people did. My inbox overflowed, the photos came in (and really, Instagram was still pretty new) and we took steps every day to make the change.

It wasn’t about you walking out of the challenge with my version (or anyone else’s version) of confidence, it was about you finding your own. Developing the way you conduct your life and how you go about living well for yourself because you deserve it. A more confident you. That’s the aim.

But where am I going with this, right?

It’s back baby. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and it’s time. Confident You will be returning to the blog in June. Starting the 1st, we’ll be back with new content, new challenges and I’ve been doing this online thing for a heck of a lot longer now, so expect it to be EPIC. The printables and downloads are going to be ahhhmazing and located in a subscriber-only resources page so you can keep coming back over and over again.

So if there’s been something missing for you. Big or small, a new issue or something you’ve been dragging around with you for your entire life. Let’s tackle that. Let’s hit it head on and come out the otherwise brimming with the confidence I know is hidden in there somewhere.

Join the Challenge list here.

And don’t stress, if you’re already on the Team Suger challenge list you won’t get it twice, I’m combining the two, so add you name and it will update automatically. 

Oh yeah, the best part? It’s still 100% FREE. You’re welcome. 

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