You’ve met those people; the kind of person who wherever they are the mood lifts. They are a force for good feelings and humour. Nice to be around and generally someone who you want to get to know. What if I told you I could make YOU one of those people? What if I told you that I could teach you how to lift a mood, be charming and generally enjoy people? Would you be interested in that?

I hope so, otherwise awkward, nothing to see here folks.

If you want to control the mood around you, then you have to be in control of your mood. My Dad always jokes that he would prefer I use my powers for good rather than evil. When I’m in a lousy mood, the electronics could stop working, or the car won’t start. So be aware that the way you generate your mood is the way others around you will respond.

And I mean generate your mood. Because sometimes you feel bad, sad or just plain old meh. Sometimes it takes deciding to be happy. Sometimes you have to decide that your contribution to people is going to be positive and set about doing that. It’s the secret to it all. Once you realise that the way are you impacts people, it becomes a lot easier to use YOUR power for good.

Start by impacting yourself, then move on to uplifting those in your immediate circle. It’s not about what you say; it’s about who you are being. You can sprout inspiring quotes and attempt to motivate people until you’re blue in the face. If the words don’t match your actions, then don’t bother. It takes practices to stay positive when dark storm clouds are billowing around you. But I have some tips, something that makes a difference for me.

And try to remember to do these things;

  • Use your manners. Please and thank you go a long way. 
  • Tell jokes and funny stories. Never at anyone’s expense {except yours}. 
  • Assume the best of people. Expect them to be good. 
  • Learn to listen and when you think you’ve mastered it, try again. 
  • Choose your words carefully. Be mindful of how other people are hearing them. 
  • Be straight with people. Don’t stand for complaining, gossip or nastiness.
  • Speak/step up if someone needs you.
  • Ask questions and be interested in the answer.
  • SMILE. It’s the simplest thing. Smile and the whole world smiles with you.
  • Learning to juggle may help. Ha!  

You will begin to notice that through your positive outlook and general fun-ness to be around that people love. Everyone wants to have fun, to laugh and to feel good. Once you learn to feel these things genuinely, you can share them with those around you without a single word. It’s not about pretending to be something you aren’t. It’s about creating yourself as you want to be.

Who are YOU going to be?

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