I think I own too many nail polishes.

There. I said it.

There was a time, less than 12 months ago when I had none. No nails, no polishes. It was as simple equation. Then I decided I would keep my finger nails painted as a method to retrain myself out of chewing them. Eeeew, chewing them, even the phrase is gross. It turns out. It worked. Thought I said to my brother they still spend way too much time in my mouth.

The germs! Eeeew, the germs.

And now I have too many polishes with too many colours and too many strengtheners and top coats and base coats. They always say to replace one habit with a better, healthier version. I guess that’s what I’ve done. Either that or what really happened is that I found another medium for my sparkly, shiny things love to show up.

That’s probably more like it.

So now I have nails. A bag full of polishes and top coats and bases and all that stuff. I have an idea of the gunk that can accumulate under nails and I have something to do to pass the time when I can’t sleep at night. I think I’m better off. I’m pretty certain anyway.

What old habit have you swapped for a new habit?

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