When Pinterest opened the secret boards there was never a question in my mind about what they were for. They were for pinning when you didn’t want people to know you were still pinning after hours and hours. You know those nights when you tumble down the rabbit hole that is a new found obsession. Pin after pin floods from you to your boards. Other pinners, I’m sure scroll through wondering what the heck was going on. Everything from quiona recipes, plus size fashion to work out inspiration.

Secret boards are for those times when you just know if you pin one more thing people are going to work out your home address and cut your cable with rusty garden sheer’s while contemplating if they should break in and throw your laptop into the street for good measure. Those days. And I love that. You see, I’m a Pinterest convert.

Happiest place on earth! Disneyland doesn’t hold that title for me any more and I love Disneyland like someone who loves something very much. For me Pinterest is the happiest place on earth. Got only zucchini a left in the fridge, search for recipes. Want to teach yourself how to sew after one too many wine’s on a Saturday night, no problem. Want to quietly stalk ever move a celeb ever makes, Pinterest has your back.

Did I ever tell you about the time I spent hours {literally} after searching for hunger games laughing my butt off. Probably not, it makes me look like an obsessive fan with a copious amount of time on my hands. Which I sort of am, I guess. The memes, the images and the creativity of people. Ha. I really liked the books, but the Pinterest feed was SOMETHING ELSE. Pinterest really is the place for all things obsession. Whatever your thing, Pinterest will show you the good, the bad and the funny of it.

It wasn’t always love at first sight for Pinterest and I. When I fist joined I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about. There seemed like a lot of housewife based cleaning and recipe posts, kids activities and photos of beautiful homes I could never dream of replicating. It felt like a bit too much pressure for me. Pressure to perform. After all, I still have my house cleaned every week and I only work part-time. I’m housewife deficient.

Bit by bit I added people I wanted to follow. I search for my areas of interest. I started boards filled with outfits I love, clothes and shoes I want to buy and parties I want to throw. I got over my own insecurities about not being good enough. I fell back in love with cooking. I planned an entire business concept using a secret board even using it to demonstrate the idea to the bank for funding (It’s on hold for now, but watch this space. Wink wink). Now I pin recipes, extravagant homes and organising tips with the best of them. I’m the converted. The Pinterest converted.

What about you? Am I preaching to the choir on this one?

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