When I attended the Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia event, I was lucky enough to not only see some previews of upcoming seasons clothes but we also received loads of catalogues, look books and shopping discounts. Awesome, I thought, there was about a billion things I wanted across the store and a new season to stock up for. ERRRRR. Wrong. It turns out I’d already done my shopping ON the trip and was out of cash.

So I did what catalogues and lookbooks were created for, I looked at them.

I pored over them.

I soaked them in.

I cried a little that I wouldn’t be purchasing right now.

That part didn’t happen but it almost did.

And I thought, well I might as well share the pain, err, I mean joyful beauty with you guys. So I whipped out my camera and took some shots of my favourite pages from the brands that included books. So take a look, can’t you just see yourself in the dresses, the floaty fabrics, the shiny sequins! Oh goodness, it’s happening again. I’m going to cry. Stupid festive season, buying stuff for everyone else instead of me.


the iconic.

the iconic.





Happy shopping lovelies.

Do you have a favourite?

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