Monday morning’s hold some appeal for me. A new week, a fresh start, all that jazz. Back to my routine, back in the swing of things. Weekends are great fun, but sort of all over the shop for me too. I like order. So I’m in my office, there’s been a delay and there is nothing for me to do for half an hour until it’s sorted. So I take the chance to blog. I come online and log into the space that has become like a second home to me. I haven’t been here for a couple of days and it feels weird. If it were a house, it would have that musty closed up smell. But I don’t mind. Who could mind coming home, right?

So I open this page and I write. Let’s see where we go, shall we?

I saw some sunshine today. I wanted to press myself against it and stay there forever. I wanted to make out with this teeny tiny sliver of sunshine before the rain returns. If you like the Facebook page you would have seen the updates. It feels like it has been raining for months now. Nothing like rain to make you remember how much you love the sunshine. Nothing like rain to remind you how much you love the beach, parks, outdoor cafés and leafy streets. I miss those things. I miss them like I missed rain in December. And isn’t that just the way it goes.

I’m contemplating some big changes for myself this week. Considering things, making them real in my real, pondering. I think that’s why there hasn’t been much space for anything else. There is only room for this. Room to consider life in the way that only someone who has a full belly, clothes on their back and a roof over their head can. I consider what it is that I am here to do. Or what I’m going to do while I am here. It’s a gift this time of considering and I’m grateful for it. I consider myself lucky to have the time and freedom to consider such things.

And the rain returns. Just a little.

My time here is almost up, soon the delay will be over, or it’ll be time for me to chase someone up. It’s always nice to just sit down and write when you get the chance. Too often these days I rely on outfit and photos to convey life and what’s happening  Too often I put my time and consideration into them. It’s worth it, I love making a difference in the way I do here. I’m proud that I can impact someone to think better of themselves, to take care of themselves with love. That I can inspire in my own goofy way. But it’s nice to come back to my roots, my blogging roots, and just write.

To come home.

What’s home to you? Isn’t it a strange and wonderful thing to find your home somewhere? I think so.     

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