So here we are again for the second instalment in the Suger’s Summer post series. There has been more of a delay than I would have liked between posts, but heck, what can you do. This week it was off to the races for me. And so I thought I want to show you show I colour block. Yeah, go on, all laugh because I said if I never heard the term colour blocking again I’d be HAPPY!

But when something is this big it’s hard to ignore it. I like to wear a lot of black. I own heaps and all the best cut stuff seems to be made in black. So with that I would add one or two different coloured accessories. Keeping them in the same tone of colour. I don’t know how to explain tones of colour without using half this post, so Google it if you want more info.

When putting together this look and not wanting to add additional items to my wardrobe at this expensive time of year I went with yellow mini clutch and shoes {not very well matched} and the blue necklace and clutch {almost perfect!} with the black and purple dress. You could easily colour match the purple and the black. Or just wear black and let the purple do its thing. 
The dress in these photos is from Autograph Fashion and is available in store and online now. I am wearing a size 22 which fit fine when I received it from Autograph but now is a bit big. This is why it has lost a bit of its shape. The straps at the top are adjustable. Bonus. These are pulled as tight as they go. The first hint it’s too big. Still nice on though, I’m sure you’ll agree. 

Doing the Caitlin face. She pulls it off way better than I do. Cutie.

The yellow set of accessories include yellow shoes from Candy circa 2007, yellow mini clutch from Collette and gum ball bangle from my local markets. The blue set including heels from Target circa 2009, blue clutch from Collette {last month} and blue multi strand bead necklace from Lovisa {last month}. Bow headband {you can’t really see it, but it’s SUPER cute} from my sister.

Other stuff that just SHOUTS colour blocking at me are these cool pieces. 

Colour Blocking :: Sugers Summer by sugercoatit featuring a button dress
So do you colour block? Or like me, did you like it more before people started calling it colour blocking at every single turn! Haha. See you soon for the next post… MAXI DRESSES. 
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