It can be a bit of a struggle to stay on track with an eating plan or even just resisting temptation from empty, bit icky, type foods. I find that an office environment is one of the worst, with home by the fridge top of that pile. So here are some of my hard-fought tips on sticking eating better, more often;

  1. Porridge on the desk – If I’m hungry, I tell myself to eat that, if I won’t eat that {it’s not that bad cold if you have a sachet type one with nuts or fruit in it} then I’m not hungry. Just craving stuff.
  2. The Water Rule – I drink a glass of water before I have another coffee or another glass of something I really don’t want to be drinking. It also works when you feel hungry. Check your water levels and if the symptoms persist {as they say} then maybe you really ARE hungry.
  3. If you don’t want to eat it, don’t buy it in the first place – Call a veto on the junk food and refuse to have it. My Hubby put up one heck of a fight on this one, but who cares. He can buy and consume as much junk as he likes outside of the house. When he’s inside the house, it’s his job to support me being a warrior for BOTH of our health.
  4. Whole foods for the win – Eating food in the form it was designed to be eaten in goes a long way to it doing what it was supposed to do for the body. Apples instead of apple juice, that sort of thing. Eat whole foods and find you eat less and stay fuller for longer. It’s all the chewing required, probably.
  5. Be a swapper, like the tv guy says – If there is something you simply cannot live without then find a healthier alternative. Chocolate fans can swap for cocoa type deserts. Salt lovers could try air-popped popcorn instead of chips. Again it’s about looking for whole foods, fewer preservatives and sugars.

Make the most of coming up with a plan to eat well and do what you can to support yourself. After all, if you do that, you will probably win! And let us keep in mind that I am not a health care professional. I’m an overweight woman learning to rein it in one hard-fought lesson at a time. So. You know. You’re welcome.

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